Where did that come from????

Well, day off has equaled me being turned into ‘Domestic Housewife!’.

3 loads of washing out on the line (it did rain a little bit but it’s Tasmania so it was bound to happen where washing is concerned…..)

Load of washing that was on the line has been hung up and put away

Dishes in the dishwasher waiting to be turned on after dinner

Lounge is cleaned up and organized (all it needs now is a vacuum and then it’s really done!)

And most has been done while the baby is asleep! Yipee! Winning so far today!

Now to make my decision (refer back to a previous post about what I mean) and then we shall have succeeded for the day…….

Taking the plunge….

Well, I have decided, that after a lot of consideration, I’m going to take the plunge and try my hand at becoming an Avon leader. I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it but I’m going to give it a shot. My current leader has been very nice and helpful and encouraging so I’m hoping that this goes well. We shall see what happens with it and hopefully it goes somewhere πŸ™‚



Bed Sharing with baby


This is me and my daughter yesterday morning. I woke up, after I heard her wake, she had some boob, and then she fell back to sleep. Thats what she does.

Now, in our house we do have a rather odd sleeping arrangement. My daughter and I share my queen bed (rare occasion she will sleep in the cot that’s in the background but won’t stay in there all night) and my partner sleeps in a separate room in his own bed. This doesn’t faze us as it’s been happening for over a year and a half now. Yeah, it would be nice if he slept in my bed but that doesn’t work right now.

I started bed sharing when my daughter was about 2 months, possibly 3. Mostly because I was pure lazy and when I would feed her I would fall back to sleep with her in the bed. My partner works late and so having him come to bed with both her and I in there was a little inconvenient. And it’s too crowded with 3 of us. Just no room.

So what we have going on in our house is normal to us. It works. Thats all that matters. Yes, sometimes I wish that my daughter would sleep in her own bed and my partner would sleep in mine, but this works for us. Plain and simple.

And I know these moments won’t last so I’m trying to treasure them. No matter how they come πŸ™‚


Voting on something that I shouldn’t have had to…..

I don’t understand it. Why should we have to vote on gay marriage when it should be a simple yes/no….I’m all for gay marriage and I don’t understand why there needed to be a postal vote. Politicians should be able to make the decisions themselves. I thought that that was what they were there for!

It angers me that there is no freedom if you want to marry someone of the same sex but if people want to marry themselves or train stations or even dogs can get married then that’s fine. Like WTF!

Personally, I think everyone is entitled to marry whoever they want and when they want! If your happy and in love it shouldn’t be against the law to marry.

Why oh why do we need a postal vote on this when there are people in higher up positions (prime minister) who could easily make this decision…. answer me that!

(P.S. If your against gay marriage then your entitled to your opinion…)


This is me, my motherhood….


Today is a bad day. I’m tired and cranky.I have sworn repeatedly and it’s not even lunch time.

My partner won’t look after the baby so I can nap. This is me for the 1 minute that I got to nap before she came in and started pulling the books off the bookshelf.

Partner has been playing games all morning on his PlayStation and is now outside mowing the lawn. No offer to look after the baby. Again!

I have pegged a load of washing out on the line because it’s the towels that have been washed 3 times this week and never made it outside. It’s going to rain today but hell, out they go!

Another load is on the airer because it’s my partners work clothes and undies/socks which we need urgently. Again, I did them and put them out.

The television/cartoons are currently my best friend. My daughter is currently watching Teletubbies while I type this.

This is my time, is what my partner will say. Have a nap when she naps is what I get told.

And I bet that he will nap by himself today, no baby next to him…..

Wheres the fairness in that! I want my nap minus baby today too. Didn’t get it before and I don’t think I’ll get it now.

My eyebrows need waxing….. I need to get motivated……but today is one of those days that baby books don’t describe………

Oh well!


Can’t decide and need help….

Hi there everyone,

I am stuck at a crossroads in life. This past week my daughter has been sick (she is 20 months now, that’s just gone way too quick!) and so I had one day off from work and then I had to leave work half way through my shift to go home to her because she was being ‘difficult’ so to speak.
This has got me thinking about possibly quitting my job and being a stay at home mum. I am already enrolled in university which I although I am not studying this semester, I would like to pour more time and effort into if I was at home.
Another reason I have thought about this is because my mother and I went out over the weekend and we were talking about my daughter and her bed time and how I am working of a night time and so sometimes she goes to my mother in laws while I’m at work and so I pick her up from there at 10pm when I finish and what not. Apparently, because I changed my position at work and the hours that I had changed, from being during the day (11-4pm) to now being 5-10pm 3 times a week, I am selfish.
I don’t know what to do as I know my partner and I can’t live on just his income. I am thinking of going to Centrelink and seeing what my options are there but I want to know others opinions on the matter…… I have been at my job for over 9 years and I don’t want to leave on bad terms but at the moment I feel that a change may need to be on the cards.
And when I spoke to my partner about it, he said he didn’t care what I did and that it didn’t affect him which I promptly told him that yes, it did. It would mean alot more responsibility on his end and I don’t know if he realizes how straining it could possibly be. We tried before and it just didn’t work but we have since moved to a cheaper house to help out with our change of income…….

I need some assistance….what would you guys do? Where would you start? Anything is helpful at this stage…..


Had a reading done…..

Last week, I got an email psychic reading. And yes, I am aware of how dodgy it sounds. But it seems to be through a psychic locally and so I trusted her with my money ($70)….I got to ask 3 questions and I kind of wish now that I had asked some fairly different questions, but no matter….

A couple of days after I sent my questions away, she responded. I was a little disheartened because her website had said within 24 hours but close enough. And when I had asked where my answers were she promptly responded with she had sent them in the morning (don’t know where they went…) but she resent them for me which was awesome….

Anyway, my questions were Am I having anymore children? Am I ever going to get married? And if I am having anymore children, when?
These questions got the following responses…
Yes, I am having one more child, a girl, in a couple of years when I get my life all sorted.
Yes, quite soon, I am getting married
And as answered in the previous reading, in a couple of years.
Now, this was just the basics of my answers. The lady did actually offer me up paragraphs to each answer which go into more details but I also got told that I may experience a health scare and so should go and see my doctor just in case, and also that if I want to change jobs that I should do it now (apparently the time is right)…
As I said, this is the very basic version of what I got and I must say, I was a little skeptical but actually still am……I know what to ask next time though πŸ™‚

Hope you are all enjoying your day.
Lil xoxo

We found somewhere…

Well, we have found a place. Smaller then the house we have but has 3 bedrooms, a big backyard and a bath. All we need really. We have had to put off moving for an extra week because one of my partners dogs needed to have surgery done on one of his ears so that put us financially behind. But, we shall get there. I’m excited and nervous. This will be the second house for my partner and I that we have rented and I have fallen for the house we are currently in. But I know moving is the right decision because we cannot afford to continue the way we are and so something needed to change. And particularly this week, I can see that moving is a viable option.
I don’t know how our daughter is going to take it but I don’t suppose she’ll remember it in a hurry. Might not like the new house to begin with but she will get used to it I suppose.

I will let you guys know in a couple of weeks how we go…….should be there by then πŸ™‚


Well, that settles it…

Well, that settles it…we have to move now. 42 days as of today to find a place, apply, get it/or not, pack and move. This is going to be one of the most stressful things in my life I think.

My partner and I currently live in a house that we started renting 2 years ago. It’s the first home that I had actually lived in with a boyfriend. It was a humongous step for me. I’m a mummy’s/family’s girl through and through and so not living with them was a huge step.

For my partner, not so much.
He had already lived most of his teenage and adult life outside of his family home with a former partner so he knew what it was like already.

This has been a subject of conversation throughout our tenure here because I tend to see my family alot and my partner doesn’t seem to grasp it. He’s not as close with his family as I am with mine and so there is a bit of difference of opinion in regards to how much time should be spent with family. I love my family and we became closer when my Nan passed away a few years ago and so for me, family is everything. That made me want to be closer to my family and that’s something he just doesn’t get.

How do you all go about the difference? Please comment and let me know how you deal with these sorts of issues….


The Joys of Car Riding solo….

The joys of driving around with just myself and my sleeping 14 month old is that I get to think. And think. And think. And today I thought about a few things.

I thought about emailing Maggie Dent, a lady who I saw speak at the Building Brighter, Stronger Families conference recently. I want to ask all these questions about how to raise my 14 month old with two different families with two very different sets of values. I want to tell her that she made me realize FINALLY that although I may be an over-protective parent, I’m actually doing OK. I want to tell her that she made me want to be a better parent for my daughter. That I realize she is going to fall and scrape her knee and that’s OK. It happens. You dust it off. Kiss it better (magic kiss) and send them on their way. When they cry, you comfort. So simple but it took her telling us this to actually make me finally go ‘OK’ and be comfortable in doing what I do, and that’s being a mum.

I thought about a letter I wrote to an author (for the life of me can’t remember the author or the book I read. Would like to remember though and I can’t find the letter. I think I may have thrown it out a couple of years ago when I moved out), and I thought about the contents of that letter. I remember it being about two things…1). My family were fighting in amongst themselves and I was finding it very hard to deal with. It wasn’t a pleasent experience for anyone and 2). I was thinking about having sex for the first time with my first boyfriend and rightfully so, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do and since I wasn’t comfortable talking about it with anyone close to me, I asked a stranger. An author of a book about girls that I’d read about it. I remember the letter saying that if I didn’t want to do it, no one could force me to and it was OK to say no. I didn’t know if I was ready and needed guidance. I was glad that I recieved a response and I still wish I could remember the authors name so I could write and tell her about all my experiences since then.

I thought about my life and where it’s headed and what I want to achieve now I’m officially a year older. What I want to do and what I want to see happen. I thought about what to do to get to where I need to be. Where do I see myself this time next year? Honestly have not a clue but I know what I want and I need to talk to a certain someone to see where he stands on certain things.

All this and more is what I have had time to think about in the car.

Inner workings of my mind.


Well that’s it….

Well, that settles it….defiantly not pregnant….. just a cunning ploy to tell me that something was on its way…..oh well….. that was not much fun….. 

on a brighter note, I have decided to talk to my partner about the possibility of having another baby. I’m unfortunately/fortunately a bit clucky after one of my co workers announced she’s expecting and then I saw one of the others 6!week old yesterday and that was it 🍼 I got baby fever……. I’m in for a bit of mischief I think…..

I’ll let you all know how that goes……

Have fun xoxo 

Need some answers…..now…..

Well, today was certainly very interesting……

I wanted to cry, I was tired, I was cranky, I was angry and I had a bad back which only got worse due to my stacking of bags today.

WTH is wrong with me!

I cannot put up with this anymore. I have been overly cranky for the last couple of days, my back has been on/off sore all week (just the lower part) and I have been tired as well.

Wish this would all go away or that I had some answers….that would be handy…… I have two at the moment….PMS or pregnancy and since I have taken 2 tests in the last week and both have said negative, I would say that leaves PMS….which can kindly do its thing so I can go back to being normal….am not enjoying this at all………

If anyone out there is a doctor or knows someone who might know, please let me know……

And yes, I have googled……all too confusing…..l