Weight Loss Results

This photo was taken by ‘Flick and Dave Photography’ at Lake Barrington as part of their Zodiac project. I was Pisces

Here is where I will post the results of my weekly weigh-in’s (courtesy of the Healthy Mummy Challenge which you can join at Healthy Mummy Challenge )

Starting Date: 20th May, 2018
Weight: 87.8 kg   Bust: 106cm   Waist: 104cm   Hips: 117cm
Thighs: 56.8cm   Arms: 34.3cm

27th May, 2018
: 87.6kg   Bust: 103cm   Waist: 99cm   Hips: 115.5cm
Thighs: 54.5cm   Arms: 33cm

3rd June, 2018
(Gap Week)
: 86.7kg   Bust: 106cm   Waist: 99cm   Hips: 117cm
Thighs: 53.5cm   Arms: 33cm

10th June, 2018
(Winter Weight Loss Challenge)
: 86.4kg   Bust: 101cm   Waist: 97cm   Hips: 116cm
Thighs: 54.5cm   Arms: 34.5cm

17th June, 2018
Weight: 85.6kg   Bust: 102.5cm   Waist: 95cm   Hips: 114cm
Thighs: 53.5cm   Arms: 32cm

24th June, 2018
: 84.4kg   Bust: 103cm   Waist: 92.5cm    Hips: 113.2cm
Thighs: 52cm   Arms: 32.5cm

1st July, 2018
85.1kg   Bust: 101.5cm   Waist: 92cm   Hips: 111.5cm
Thighs: 55.5cm   Arms: 32.5cm

8th July, 2018
Weight: 84.3kg   Bust: 101.5cm   Waist: 95cm   Hips: 113cm
Thighs: 53.5cm   Arms: 33.5cm

15th July, 2018
Weight: 84.3kg   Bust: 103.5cm   Waist: 92cm   Hips: 110cm
Thighs: 51cm  Arms: 33cm

22nd July, 2018
Weight: 84.4kg   Bust: 101cm   Waist: 94.5cm   Hips: 109cm
Thighs: 53cm   Arms: 33cm